Next Meeting dates

Here are the some dates for 2018 so you can all organise your diaries.

Aylsham -Saturdays 2pm -5pm (please ask for address)

7th April
12th May
9th June

Hethersett Village Hall - Sundays 09.30 - 12.30 pm

25th March
8th April
13th May
10th June

Sunday, 17 June 2018

June's cards 2018

Hi everyone so sorry to mess the dates around again but neither Sylvia or myself were in any fit state to do last weekend hence the delay but hopefully we are both now on the road to recovery.

So here goes with this month's cards 

Card 1 - Impossible card

This was the one we didn't get round to last month

Card 2 - Circular birthday (sorry couldn't think of a better name)

Card 3 - Birthday wishes - another rubbish name 

Friday, 11 May 2018

May's cards 2018

Hi ladies do hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather we have been having but hopefully this won't put you off joining us this weekend for some crafting fun.

So here goes with this month's projects ......

Card 1 - Fancy Fold 

Card 2 - Impossible Card

Card 3 a - String and Bling

Card 3b Mini String and Bling

Card 4 - String in a Frame

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend x

Monday, 9 April 2018

Hethersett works of art

We had a great time this weekend getting very messy with distress inks and acrylic paint, I think Sylvia may well find little splatters of paint for many months to come.

I thought it would be a nice idea to display some of the plaques the Hethersett ladies did, not all of them are fully completed but I think you can still appreciate them anyway. So here goes....

Firstly we have Margaret's creation which she is planning to put on display in her craft den. I love the colours she used and the big splats of paints, sorry I ever doubted your vision for this Margaret.

Next it's Barbara's creation which just needs the words adding.  I think the little girl who is going to get this is going to love it, who doesn't love a cute fairy.

Next it's Vicky's creation. I love the colours on this one and the die cut words.

This is Vicky's card she made using the same techniques as the plaque.

Here we have Heather's plaque or it could be becoming a card for her sister in law. I am going to love this colour way as by accident Heather ended up using the same inks as my original plaque. I also love how Heather coloured the squares behind some of the letters, I would never have thought to do this.

Last but not least it's Pauline's creation which is going to be proudly hung in her newly decorated cloakroom that has a seaside theme. We had great fun trying to make the mermaid look less like she was hanging in mid air and I think the addition of the handmade sun really helps.

Thanks to everyone who came this weekend, sorry I forgot to take photos of the creations on Saturday. I loved everything you all made and I really hope you loved them too. See you all next month x

Friday, 6 April 2018

April's Cards 2018

Hi everyone hope you all had a lovely Easter and that you all had loads of hot x buns, Easter eggs and roast lamb to eat ......oh I LOVE Easter.

Well on to this weekends projects we are doing cards at Aylsham and a plaque at Hethersett but they all use the same techniques which involve a LOT of MESS so have those gloves and aprons at hands if you hate getting covered in paint here goes .......

Aylsham projects only - sorry only just realised that  all the photos have a cloudy look to them think my camera lens needs cleaning 

Card 1 Butterfly tag card

I have 2 colour ways for you but use any colours you fancy - the ribbon I coloured myself to match my butterflies 

Card 2 - Messy background

This uses most of the techniques I used on the plaque because of the colours I used it turned out quite masculine hence the car but you could use the butterflies again if you prefer.

Hethersett only - this is a plaque to cheer Amy up whilst she does her upcoming GCSEs so you will want to change the wording - I would just google "inspirational words" and you should find something you like. 

Hope you like these projects see you all over the weekend.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

This month's new date - 25th March 2018

Hi everyone we now have confirmation that we can have the room next Sunday, please let us know if you will be attending or not thanks.

Hope to see you all next weekend x

Cancelled meeting

Morning ladies as we have had messages/texts from a lot of you saying they will have to give today's meeting a miss it is with regret we are cancelling today's meeting. 

We are now trying to find out if the hall is free next Sunday, if you are able to make it can you let Sylvia know and if there is enough interest we will reschedule.

Sorry again .....please stay warm and safe xxx

Friday, 16 March 2018

March 2018 cards

Hi everyone hope you are all keeping well. 

Fingers crossed the weather will be kind to us this weekend but please do watch the forecast and if we do get the bad weather we may have to postpone. I will post any postponement on the blog here so please do check before you leave home.

I am hoping we don't postpone as this month's project I really love even though it's not a card. So here is a picture of it 

It looks even better in real life and to think it all started out as a simple piece of A5 Kraft card, of which I have plenty of stock. 

I think on the supply list I missed of the following things:

Eyelets & setting tool - I will bring my crop a dile 
Paper to go in book
Button & elastic thread.

Hope to see you all Sunday