Next Meeting dates

Here are the some dates for 2018 so you can all organise your diaries.

Aylsham -Saturdays 2pm -5pm (please ask for address)

14th July
August TBA
September TBA

Hethersett Village Hall - Sundays 09.30 - 12.30 pm

15th July
August TBA
September TBA

Friday, 30 May 2014

June 2014Cards

Hi ladies can you believe it's June already, I know I can't. This is just a short post as I'm on limited time so I'll get on with the all important cards

Card 1 - The Office

Card 2 - Just a Note

Card 3 - Coloured Stripes

Hope you like these cards & see you all at the weekend

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Change of venue on Saturday

Please note anyone wishing to attend the Saturday class it will be held at my house in Norwich so if you need the address please let me know

May 2014 cards

Hi everyone hope you are all keeping well. This month I have tried to keep supplies to a minimum as my craft room looks like a bomb has gone off in it & I could not find too much to play with Winking smile.

My cards all use 2 flower stamps sets & matching punches but if you would like to make them using something else i.e. hearts or footballs etc. please do feel free to bring your own along 

So here goes with the 3 cards I came up with

Card 1  -Flower Power take one


Card 2 – Flower Power Take 2


Card 3 – Flower Power Take 3


If we have time I have a 4th card in reserve using the same supplies you will just need extra white card, vellum & white embossing powder.