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14th July
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Monday, 7 November 2011

November Cards

Hi Everyone hope you are all keeping well.

Since our last meeting I have been as busy as ever but I did manage to spend some much needed time with my family even if it did involve looking like this...........

I'll explain more when I see you all (But NO wisecracks about not seeing any difference in my appearance)

Now that Halloween & Bonfire night are well out of the way I'm sure most of our crafting minds are firmly focused on starting or in some cases finishing off those "millions" of Christmas cards we all seem to make at this time of year........So with this firmly in mind I have tried to make some speedy examples for you all BUT & this is a BIG BUT for this to work I need all you Hethersett ladies to try to do most of your prepping at get those papers chosen & cut & we will all then end up making LOADS of lovely cards. If you want to bring spare card/paper with you then if you have time you can choose to make a stack of your favourite designs.

So here goes with this months offerings:


Card 1 - Yvette's card

For all the other cards you can have a look at last months blog post

Card 1 - Sylvia's tag card

Card 2 - Button Baubles

Card 2 - Button Snowman

Card 4 - Cut out tree
Card 5 - Bauble card

Card 6 - Dasher

Card 7 - Trio of Trees

And last but not least ......

Card 8 - Black & white magic