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Saturday, 11 January 2014

January 2014 Cards

Firstly a very Happy New Year to all my lovely ladies, I do hope this year will be a very good one for you all.

As you can see this year has not been such a great start for this blog. I spent the last few days trying to get this post to upload & if by magic this morning it finally decided to oblige me & hopefully now you can all see the cards we are planning to do.

So here goes with the first cards of 2014

Card 1 – A Bit of Stamping & Tearing

This card was inspired by one I saw at the recent Stampin Up convention but as I do not know the original creator of the card I cannot give them the credit they deserve, if I do find this out I will add their name here.


Supplies needed

C6 blue card + extra scrap

Brown card – cut to 14.3x10cm

White card – cut to 13.8x9.5cm

Extra white card

Inks to match card colours

3 coordinating stamps – mine are from SU’s The Open Sea set but any theme would work

Sentiment stamp

Brown string or white string which I will show you how to colour

Water reservoir brush

Card 2 – It’s all about the Swing

This card I admit to copying totally from the Mollie Blooms Birthday Parade kit but I thought it would be a fun card to make BUT be warned you will need to follow the instructions exactly to make it work


Inside of card



2 sheets card cut to 11” x 5 1/2” – mine was blue

3 coordinating patterned papers

white card

scrap brown card

Brown ink & dauber

Colouring pens

Coordinating stamps

3 buttons

string & needle