Next Meeting dates

Here are the some dates for 2018 so you can all organise your diaries.

Aylsham -Saturdays 2pm -5pm (please ask for address)

14th July
August TBA
September TBA

Hethersett Village Hall - Sundays 09.30 - 12.30 pm

15th July
August TBA
September TBA

Sunday, 11 April 2010

April's card

Hi everyone hope you all had a better Easter than myself.

We as a family had a lovely time in Dorset but on our return we had to have our elderly cat put to sleep as she suddenly developed a heart condition & given that she was over 20 years old there was little the vet could do for her. We are now coming to terms with her not being around but I especially miss her at it was my lap she nearly always choose to sit on, so I now have to have a blanket over my legs in the evening to keep them warm.

Now back to happier things here are this months cards for each group. Hopefully by next month both groups will be doing similar projects which will certainly help me not to get so confused.

Please can I also remind those of you who have booked up for the all day workshop you will need to bring that payment with you or you may loose your place - cash or cheques will be fine.

Aylsham's cards are as follows:

Card 1 - Sylvia's Chic Birthday

Card 2 - Vellum overlay

Card 3 - Cathi's Hat card
Here are 4 different colourways to do this fun card

Card 4 - Ollie the Owl

Now for Hethersett's cards
Card 1 - Jeannette's Brad card

Card 2 - Vellum overlay

Card 3 - Vellum Butterfly
Card 4 Vellum wrap