Next Meeting dates

Here are the some dates for 2018 so you can all organise your diaries.

Aylsham -Saturdays 2pm -5pm (please ask for address)

14th July
August TBA
September TBA

Hethersett Village Hall - Sundays 09.30 - 12.30 pm

15th July
August TBA
September TBA

Monday, 7 November 2011

November Cards

Hi Everyone hope you are all keeping well.

Since our last meeting I have been as busy as ever but I did manage to spend some much needed time with my family even if it did involve looking like this...........

I'll explain more when I see you all (But NO wisecracks about not seeing any difference in my appearance)

Now that Halloween & Bonfire night are well out of the way I'm sure most of our crafting minds are firmly focused on starting or in some cases finishing off those "millions" of Christmas cards we all seem to make at this time of year........So with this firmly in mind I have tried to make some speedy examples for you all BUT & this is a BIG BUT for this to work I need all you Hethersett ladies to try to do most of your prepping at get those papers chosen & cut & we will all then end up making LOADS of lovely cards. If you want to bring spare card/paper with you then if you have time you can choose to make a stack of your favourite designs.

So here goes with this months offerings:


Card 1 - Yvette's card

For all the other cards you can have a look at last months blog post

Card 1 - Sylvia's tag card

Card 2 - Button Baubles

Card 2 - Button Snowman

Card 4 - Cut out tree
Card 5 - Bauble card

Card 6 - Dasher

Card 7 - Trio of Trees

And last but not least ......

Card 8 - Black & white magic

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

October 2011 Cards

Hi everyone, can you believe how quickly this past month has gone & it's now only 81 days until Christmas!!!!!!!!! So with this Revelation in mind, this month's cards are all Christmas themed.

So get your tinsel out & put on your best Christmas hats & I hope you enjoy the cards we have on offer..............

Card 1 - Bauble Magic 1

With this card I will show you a cheats way to get that perfect bauble and once you know the secret you will be able to adapt it to lots of other shapes.

Card 2 - Bauble Magic 2

This card uses two of my favourite products - Heat & Stick powder & Glitter....... YIPEEEEEE

Card 3 - Sparkly Christmas Trees

Jeanette will be showing us how to jazz up those beautiful but rather boring shapes we cut using our Cuttlebugs

Card 4 - Christmas Gift Tags

Still awaiting the image from Sylvia

Thursday, 15 September 2011

September cards

Hi everyone, well what a busy time I've had since our last meeting. The most important being, celebrating "Mini ME" or Amy's 10th Birthday. We spent a lovely day at Africa Alive with Amy & 1 of her little friends on Saturday, where their favourite area was the walk through Ring Tail Lemur encounter.

So here goes with this month's cards:

Card 1 - Split Card

Card 2 - Faux Material

Card 3 - Parcels

I'm awaiting an image of this card

Card 4 - Jeanette's Back to Front card

Please note you need a white/cream square base card for this card. Sorry I missed this off the list

Cards Sept 2011 002[1]

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

August Cards

Sorry again for being late uploading these cards but work is exceptionally busy at the moment & therefore I have been doing full time hours so I have had no spare time to do the blog.

As Sylvia said in her email, I will be flying solo this weekend so any help anyone can give me with setting/tidying up will be greatly appreciated.

So here goes with the cards:

Card 1 - Howday cowboy

This was the card we had left over from our previous meeting.

Card 2 - Four door Christmas card

This card was inspired by the new cards that Docrafts are now selling for £3.99 for 4 & I thought why buy them when I could make my own, so this is what I cam up with.

Card 3 - One for the Boys

This card I have to admit I totally copied from a recent magazine but I thought it was quite good fun especially for those men in our lives.

Card 4 - Vicki's Stretch card

I'm sorry but I'm not able to upload this card yet as I cannot find the lead I need to get the picture from my phone to my computer. I'm hoping the majority got to see the sample last month & can remember what it looked like.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

July's Cards

Firstly I'd just like to say a big thank you for all the lovely birthday cards I have received this month. They all so unique & beautiful, I can only imagine that you all must be attending some great classes to be able to create such wonderful creations HA HA

Also I'd like to say another big thank you for all the kind messages/emails I have received following my car crash which happened after last months class. Unfortunately my car was a write off but luckily Amy & myself escaped unhurt. I'm sorry if I have not replied to your message but as you can imagine I have been rather busy with the insurance companies & trying to track down a replacement car but please be assured that your kind words really helped me to get through this awful experience.

Now to this months samples...........Well it's now less than 6 months to our busiest time of the year - CHRISTMAS. With this in mind we have decided to dust off our Christmas stash & have dedicated this months meetings to the big day HO HO HO.

Card 1 - It's a Wreath Thing

My sample uses traditional Christmas colours but hopefully if I have time I will try to make a sample using a more contemporary colourway - I'm thinking pinks or purples.

Card 2 - Have a cool Yule

This card uses Stampin Up's Owl punch to make these cute little critters, so if you do possess this punch it would be great if you could bring it along with you, as it will speed the process up greatly.

I have stamped my card front with a snowflake stamp but if you prefer you could use a piece of Christmas paper instead.

Card 3 - Circle Snowflakes

Here are 2 version of the same card. On the first one I have used peel offs & the second one I have stamped & have embossed the snowflakes but you could use silver/gold ink without any embossing.

Card 4

Sorry I don't know the name of this one but its a way to get another look from your stamps. I'm sure if you had 2 identical peel offs they could be used instead.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

June's Cards

Well hello everyone, hope you are all well & enjoying all the wonderful weather we are having.

I'm in the process of completely stripping out my garden & starting afresh, so if there are any budding garden designers out there who would like a whole blank canvas to work with then please get in touch with me, I need all the help I can get.

Planning is also under way for my new craft room AKA our garage. So when this is completed I will be able to start the monthly evening classes that I spoke of some time ago.

After all that gossip I suppose I had better get on with showing you all this months cards. With Father's day in just a few days time, all our cards this month can be used for the men in our life

Card 1 - Sylvia's garden shed

Card 2 - Through the Porthole

Card 3 - Folded Shirt card

Card 4 - Howdy Cowboy

Friday, 6 May 2011

May Cards

Well Howda Everyone - Sorry I could not think of a better American greeting than that one. Hope you all keeping well & that you did not miss me too much last month!!!!

I had a FANTASTIC holiday & came back with some great photos/memories & just a few crafting goodies.

Thought I’d share a quick piccie of myself & “mini me” AKA Amy at Disney’s Hollywood studios


Well here goes with this months cards. As each group is doing a different card 1 I’ll show these first but please note the card specific to your group only

Card 1 – ALYSHAM ONLY – kissing technique


MayCards 010[1]
Card 2 – Dog & Kennel

MayCards 005[1]

Card 3 – Baby time

Card 4 – One for the boys


Monday, 7 March 2011

March's Cards

Sorry about the delay again this month, Blogger would let me write but not upload the pictures so until I got that corrected there seemed little point publishing this post.

This month each group will be doing slightly different cards so please take note of which group you attend. Aylsham will then get a chance to do the other cards next month.

So I'll start with Aylsham's cards
Card 1 - Youngster's age Card -this is one we had left over from last month

Card 2 - Adult's age Card

Card 3 - Cupcake & Banners - this is one that was missed when we had to cancel Decembers meeting. The flags are just scraps of patterned paper.

Card 4 - One for Easter - here we are using punches to make different flowers & even the fence is made from punches

Hethersett's Cards
Card 1 - One layout 2 Generations

You need to choose to do either card 1 or 2 from Aylsham we will not have time to do both.

Card 2 -Piece it together
This card came about when I accidently cut my image thinking it was a scrap piece of card. I do love how its turned out.
Card 3 - Kissing Technique
Here I will teach you how to add patterns to your solid stamps.
Card 4 - One for Easter
As per Aylshams card 4

Monday, 7 February 2011

February Cards

So sorry to be posting these cards so late again but having only had 2 weeks since the last meeting as well as having other demo commitments I just have not had the time to update the blog before now.

I have taken on board all of your suggestions for card themes you would like me to cover. So this month I have tried to make some child friendly cards but as I am conscious that not every member of these groups have loads of children to send cards to, I hope you can see that they can be changed to make them more suitable for adults too.

Card 1 - U Rock

This one is aimed mainly at the teenagers in our life but maybe you know an old rocker you could send it to instead.

Card 2 - One for the little girls

Think bright colours for the little girls but if you want to subdue the colours then it will make it more suitable for the older "little girls" in our lives. The words on my card were some rub ons I found in my stash.

Card 3 - Alien Invasion

I have the little boys in mind for this card. I will have all the stamps I have used.

Card 4 - One layout, 2 generations.

If we have time we will do these cards. I wanted to show you how by changing just the colours you can change the whole feel of the card. You will need to decide if you are doing a child's card or adult as this will effect the colour scheme you choose. I will have all the numbers available for you to choose from.

Here is the adult version:

And here is the child's version:

Sunday, 23 January 2011

January Cards

Hi everyone hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year (boy don't they feel like a distant memory now!!!)

Can I just say on behalf of Sylvia & myself a big thank you for your continued support of these clubs. We have been meeting for about 7 or 8 years now & you are the best group of ladies we could wish to meet. I am more than happy to continue leading the groups but remember they are your groups too so if you have any ideas on how to improve the groups then please do not hesitate to let me know.

Well here we go with the first samples for 2011

Card 1- Unisex Card
This was the card we did not get time to do last month
The inside of the card


The card when closed


Card 2 - Love is in the air

This can be used as a Valentine, Engagement or even Wedding card if the sentiment is changed. If you have any of your own cute stamps you would prefer to use then please do so.
Card 3 - Flower card

Card 4 - Step card