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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

October 2011 Cards

Hi everyone, can you believe how quickly this past month has gone & it's now only 81 days until Christmas!!!!!!!!! So with this Revelation in mind, this month's cards are all Christmas themed.

So get your tinsel out & put on your best Christmas hats & I hope you enjoy the cards we have on offer..............

Card 1 - Bauble Magic 1

With this card I will show you a cheats way to get that perfect bauble and once you know the secret you will be able to adapt it to lots of other shapes.

Card 2 - Bauble Magic 2

This card uses two of my favourite products - Heat & Stick powder & Glitter....... YIPEEEEEE

Card 3 - Sparkly Christmas Trees

Jeanette will be showing us how to jazz up those beautiful but rather boring shapes we cut using our Cuttlebugs

Card 4 - Christmas Gift Tags

Still awaiting the image from Sylvia

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